General Warranty Terms

General Warranty Terms

Our company provides all furniture under the two-year (2 years) warranty, which covers the repair of defects that occur within the warranty period and are proven to be due to hardware failure or a manufacturing error only.

The warranty does not cover damage or deterioration of the product due to misuse or improper use, damage due to normal wear and tear, natural disasters or unavoidable external events.

During the warranty period, the product or its components are either repaired or, if this is not possible, replaced with a new one. The choice of the method of repair is left exclusively to the company. In case the product or component that needs to be replaced is no longer in the product range under our company’s brand, it is replaced with another from the same product category and corresponding retail price.

The warranty does not cover product damage due to abnormal environmental conditions (humidity, exposure to excessive heat, cold or light, etc.), overload, inadequate care (tearing, burning, use of unsuitable cleaners, etc.), damage due to non-genuine use parts or spare parts or in the intervention of a third party.

Your product warranty is effective from the time of purchase and covers manufacturing defects or material failure and not damage from ordinary wear, mishandling, poor installation, lack of cleanliness, scratches, bumps, or any other type of accident. The guarantee covers only the Republic of Cyprus territory and for its validity it is necessary to follow the instructions for use of the product(s). The repair request must be made within the warranty period. In order to verify the date of purchase and for the validity of the guarantee, it is always necessary to provide proof of purchase or invoice.

The buyer is obliged to check the products for defects and deficiencies at the time of receipt, at the place specified in the order. In case of deliveries to an agency, the check must be made at the time of delivery. If no defect or deficiency is declared, the receipt is considered unconditional and our company bears no responsibility.

In particular, the following also applies to mattresses:



– Do not use your mattress on a base smaller than the mattress itself.

– The mattress must be placed on a stable base and without large gaps (not larger than 2.0 – 4.0 cm), otherwise it can cause permanent damage to the product, for which the company is not responsible.

– You must turn the mattress at least every 6 months to ventilate and avoid sinking. Not only up and down, but also from head to toe and vice versa.

– Do not fold or crease the mattress. When you need to move it, place it upright or sideways.

– Choose and use a protective cover for the mattress (coating). When using a coating, it absorbs sweat and protects the mattress. The coating is easy to wash.

– Do not use water on the product. It can absorb and create internal moisture and unpleasant odor.

– Do not use chemical cleaners or liquids to clean the mattress, there is a risk of damage to some of the mattress materials. Prefer dry cleaning.

– Do not use an electric iron and do not use any form of steam. – Do not smoke near the mattress and do not use fire near it. The use of an electric blanket is also not recommended.

– Do not use the handles to lift the mattress with all its weight. The handles are used only for slight movement of the product, since it has already been placed on the bed.

– Do not touch very heavy objects, do not jump and do not stand upright on the mattress, there is a risk of permanent damage to these points.



– In mattresses consisting of springs, a 10-year warranty is provided on the springs and a 2-year warranty on the foam materials.

– A very dirty mattress automatically loses its warranty.

– Mold is not covered by the warranty.

– The warranty does not cover cases of damage from misuse, maintenance, transport or storage of the product and especially from non-compliance with the care of the mattress.

– By using the mattress for a respectable period after its purchase and as the foam materials are adjusted to embrace your body, it is normal to observe a slight receding of its surface. Such a retraction of up to 2 million is normal and is not a defect or construction error. Measure your mattress at least 4 hours after its last use.

– All of the above maintenance instructions must have been followed. Important Please read this user guide carefully.

We recommend you to keep this manual.